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Valentine's Activity Bundle >> 60 pages!

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60 pages of Valentine's fun for the whole family!

If you are stumped for ideas on what to do this year with your kids for valentine's day, we've got you covered! Mazes, crafts, coloring, worksheets, and more! You will find so much in this pack.

This bundle has been compiled so the whole family can have something to do together. There are activities here that could spark some deeper conversations as well as bring some joy into your home. 


Here is what you will get in this bundle: 

  • 10 Valentine's Day cards
  • 5 posters
  • 6 cute animal banner pages ( see picture at top )
  • 3 worksheets: Things I love, Which is better? & How do you show love to others? ( we encourage you, parents, to do this with your kids! Take an extra sheet of paper beside your kiddos as they go through them and have a discussion about your answers) 
  • 2 counting activities
  • 3 Cut & Glue Activities: 
    • Cut out the big hearts '' love, be mine, you're great & happy Valentine's day'' Can be used as decoration or on a card.
    • Fill the jar with love notes
    • Cut out a heart and decorate it. Either with tissue paper or with some of the fun Valentine's themed paper included in this pack. 
  • 11 Valentine's themed craft paper.
  • 4 heart-shaped mazes with solutions. 
  • 1 Sweet Treats word search.
  • 4 heart-shaped coloring sheets
  • 6 quote coloring sheets
  • 2 vintage flower coloring sheets. 

 We even threw 50 Valentine's themed Coloring sheets from our Mega Coloring Bundle! 

Think about who needs some love or cheering up this week and make them a card!


We would also love to see finished projects so leave a picture in the reviews below when you are done :D 



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Customer Reviews

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Thanks so much for the activities.


Valentine's Activity Bundle >> 60 pages!

Very useful and creative

I have used about 90% of the bundle with my grandkids as they prepared valentines for friends and family and a special book for Mom. They seemed to enjoy having several things to choose from and not having to do the same thing their siblings had.