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Summer Activity Binder >> 275 pages!

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We love learning in our home, my kids are always asking me to print out new activities so I put this binder together for them and you! 

This binder is great for children ages 3 to 7.

What's included:


Alphabet Practice Worksheets: These worksheets will help your children grow in their Alphabet knowledge, as well as practice writing each letter out. 

Summer games set!
The product features cute playing and swimming children and summer-related objects. Get lost in a sunny summer atmosphere, have fun on the beach and eat cold yummy ice cream!
The product consists of the most popular activity types for children: mazes, board games, searching games, matching and counting activities (including shadow match), cut and glue, crossword puzzle, Wordsearch, difference searching, coloring, and dot-to-dot worksheets.

Animal Worksheets:

 These 60 unique worksheets are designed to keep your little one’s absorbent mind engaged. These worksheets are Montessori-inspired. Actual pictures of animals have been used instead of cartoons, to promote learning about the beauty of the real world.

Spring / Summer Montessori Activities:

This binder covers all learning areas: language, math, practical life, science, and sensorial.

Here’s a list of what’s included:
• Spring Scene Photograph Matching
• Ranking Spring Colors
• Spring Go-Togethers
• Beginning Sounds
• Missing Flower Numbers
• Floral pinprick
• Life Cycle of a Butterfly
• Butterfly Cutting Strips
• Easter Egg Lacing Card
• Egg Counting
• Rhyming Riddles
• Spring Pattern Strips
• Spring Plant Or Animal?
• Spring Living Or Non-Living?
• Spring Size Sorting Jars
• Spring or Autumn?
• Spring Counting
• Spring Silhouettes
• Butterfly Labyrinth
• Farm or wild animal?
• Spring Subtraction
• Spring Item Color Matching
• Spring Halves
• Let’s Make 10
• Spring Pattern Matching



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1 zip file with 4 PDFS totaling 275 pages of amazing activities!


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Customer Reviews

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Cute for Littles

This pack has a bunch of different printables to give a variety of stuff for your littles. I'll be using them for sure.


Summer Activity Binder >> 275 pages!

It's beautifully done

I thought this was done really well. The pictures are vibrant. The worksheets and games are easy to understand, and they don't require anything unusual to use. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I have a 2 year old and a 9 year old, so this isn't really useable for either one at the moment. It will be for the younger one though. My older kid is kind of advanced on science and such, so this is just not at his level. He will probably enjoy the life cycle ones though, since usually we just see butterfly ones.

Great Product!!!

This was amazing and my grandson is going to love doing some of this on our car ride to Disney in June!!